Visit Zimbabwe

Every year, the number of people visiting Zimbabwe increases by leaps and bounds. The country has an extensive history that makes for a diverse, colorful culture, exquisite landscape and wildlife, and various cultural sites that attract so many people so unfailingly every year.

Zimbabwe is home to 5 different UNESCO world heritage sites. Sites like the Khami Ruins provide you with the opportunity to look the past in the face: stone edifices and huts built with incredible skill, exploring Zimbabwe is like stepping into a time long past.

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The Victoria Falls–a massive body of water falling thunderously down at a drop of 108 meters—are picturesque in their fluid splendor, the Balancing Rocks are something you’ve never seen before, the world’s largest human-made lake manifests itself in the shape of Lake Kariba, and the Hwange National Park is a feast for the animal lover. Zimbabwe’s various parks, lakes, waterfalls, and other natural bodies make an immensely stunning location.

You can even get into bungee jumping and white water rafting—or find other sports options while you’re at it.



Yes, you must have a visa prior to entering Zimbabwe

Tonga, Xhosa, English, Shona, Venda, and more

USD, RTGS dollar

390,757 km²


Zimbabwe’s wildlife is a prominent part of its landscape. They’ve faced some problems with the loss of wildlife back in the day, but the government is keen on preserving what nature has so kindly bestowed on them. Since 1960, the Wildlife Conservation Act has protected and overseen the country’s blooming fauna, and you too can see all of it in its raw, natural beauty.

Embark on a safari and get to see the zebras of the plains, moving as a solid block of black and white, various antelope species, the beautiful African leopard up in some tree, the black rhino, bush elephants, towering giraffes, and more. If you have been looking for fantastic beasts all your life, Zimbabwe is where you’ll find them.