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The Karamoja region of Uganda is the most thrilling and fascinating portion of the country, yet it is also one of the least explored. Since the Karamojong are itinerant pastoralists in search of permanent grazing lands and water for their livestock, they are thought to be descended from the Nyangatom of the Ethiopian highlands and to have settled in their current location around 1600 AD.

The word “Karamojong” derives from the indigenous phrase “Akara emojong,” which translates to “the old man is fatigued.” The Karamojong are believed to have settled where they are now because they grew tired of migrating. Seven districts (Abim, Kotido, Moroto, Kaabong, Amudat, Napak, and Nakapiripirit) make up the Karamoja region in northeastern Uganda.

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As a result of colonial-era pacification efforts and border realignments with Kenya and Sudan, the Karamojong lost a large swath of their traditional territory, with much of their grazing land now located outside of Uganda and other areas of the region restricted for use as national parks and reserves. Past insecurities have unfortunately given the Karamojong region a bad reputation, both within Uganda and outside.

If you are planning a safari in Uganda, consider spending some time in the Karamoja region. The region has undergone significant improvement, prompting many countries to lift their travel warnings and reopen the region to tourists. The government of Uganda has also invested heavily in the area’s development by building roads, constructing schools, and installing power grids. With so many sights to see and real cultural experiences to partake in, visitors to the Karamoja region should plan to spend at least 10 days there. Therefore, we hope you will join us on one of our Love Karamoja safari excursions.

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Most Karamojong people live nomadic lifestyles as pastoralists. In other words, cattle is the center of their existence, even though they have adopted agriculture despite the semiarid conditions of their lands. Because of their long history of cultural isolation, they have a strong affinity for cattle and a refusal to adopt modern conveniences.

The people of the Karamoja region, often known as the Karamoja clusters, are divided into a wide variety of ethnic subgroups. Northerners are Dodoth, centralizers are Jie, and southerners are Karamojong; all three of these groups are considered distinct ethnicities.


During our Karamoja tours, travelers can get the most out of their time in the region by participating in cultural activities like visiting local communities and schools, as well as more exotic excursions like spending the night with fierce nomad warriors in the Karamoja villages. Alternatively, you can opt to spend the night in a traditional hut while learning everything about the fascinating history of the Karamojong people. Everyday tasks like making the regional cuisine and attending festivals including traditional folk music and dance are open to your participation as well. This could be one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

Why Love Karamoja Tours Tourism Potentials

My love for Karamoja and the people of the land grew stronger after my first visit to the region in 2018. I was so inspired and excited about the authentic culture the people hold and how hardworking the people are, I was left in awe of the beauty of the land, unique exotic cultures, and the untapped tourism potential of the region.

Kidepo Valley National Park, recently named among the most picturesque national park in Africa by CNN Travel, is found in Karamoja, and this park provides an excellent opportunity for tourists to experience some of Africa’s most exotic wildlife, and breathtaking landscapes; needless to say that it is home to the cheetahs in Uganda.


Mountain Moroto, with its history and favorable terrain, offers an exciting opportunity for memorable experiences for hiking lovers during the Karamoja safari. This mountain is not overly high as you can hike it for 4 hours and at least 7 people are reported to be living on top of it and have refused to relocate.

Cultural interaction is at its best in Karamoja. As mentioned earlier, this region has one of the richest unspoiled African cultures that anyone would like to explore.

Why Love Karamoja Tours Tourism Potentials

GoSafariz is proud to be part of championing and changing the narrative we grew up hearing. “We will not wait for Karamoja to develop”, No! We want to be part of rebuilding this community and extending love through its established yet delicate systems.

You can today partner with Go Safariz in a number of ways:

Joining our love Karamoja.

Every year we have tours to Karamoja in ugnada, These are specifically to let you indulge yourself in the true and authentic culture of the Karamojong people and a percentage of the tour fees go directly into our long-term goal and dream to have a health center for the people in the community and support girls stay in school. These tours are also great for students of sociology, and cultural tourism.

Join the Mountain Moroto Challenge

We want to go mountain climbing in support of tourism in Karamoja. 

Through our online platform, you can purchase a gift made by these precious ladies directly from Karamoja. This is a drive to encourage and empower them through creating opportunities for their products. We believe this will enable them to take care of their families and reduce migration rates, thus sustaining growth and development for Karamoja.

You can support the Education Initiatives through our Keep a Girl in School program with a partner organization Love Unveiled Ministries, for just 25 dollars a month.

Other activities include Wildlife Safaris. This region is blessed with one national park and several reserves, which include Kidepo national park, Pian up wildlife reserve, and many more.