9 Days Uganda Culture And Gorilla Safari

9 Days Uganda Culture And Gorilla Safari

9 Days Uganda Culture And Gorilla Safari

This 9-day gorillas and Uganda culture is the finest way to get to know the country. The first stop on our Uganda safari will be to see the endangered gorillas in Bwindi’s dense forest. After that, we will be making some stops in the nearby community to learn more about the real life of the people who live here.

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Sample Itinerary
Transfer From Entebbe Airport

Hello, and welcome to Uganda! As soon as you clear customs, our driver will pick you up and drive you to your hotel of choice in Entebbe or the city of Kampala.

Accommodation: The Boma / Hotel No.5 / The Protea Hotel Entebbe
Drive time: 20 minutes
Meal Plan: B, L & D
To Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

There are just about 900 remaining mountain gorillas in the wild, making this species critically endangered. That is precisely why seeing them in the wild on the Uganda safari is so unforgettable. This is your chance to see these incredible animals in their native environment, where you can get a close look at them. With the Kigezi highlands as a backdrop, the trip to Bwindi is never boring. After refueling in Mbarara with a delicious lunch, you will head to your lodge for some much-needed shuteye.

Accommodation: Bwindi Lodge / Gorilla Heights / Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp / Clouds Mt Gorilla Lodge / Buhoma Lodge
Drive time: 9 hours: 1 hour 50 minutes
Meal Plan: B, L & D
Trip To The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest To See The Gorillas

After the consultation, the rangers will split you up into smaller groups, each of which will have a guide to bring them deeper into the woods. You’ll get to spend time with giant, critically endangered mountain gorillas, thanks to your tour guide and the park ranger. Depending on the gorilla family you are tracking and the position of their nest from the previous night, your hiking time could be from a brief period to many hours.

Meal Plan: B, L & D
Accommodation: Buhoma Lodge/ Bwindi Lodge / Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp / Gorilla Heights / Clouds Mt Gorilla Lodge
Visit The Batwa Cultural Trail And Lake Bunyonyi

Meeting people who have found a way to coexist with the natural world is one of the most rewarding aspects of this safari in Uganda. After a hearty breakfast, you will go off on an adventure through the trails of your host community, where members will provide insights into their culture and you will have the chance to offer your own, in the form of knowledge or experience that will strengthen bonds between you and your hosts.

As we take in the sights of the area before heading to Lake Bunyonyi, we will stop for lunch here. There are many interesting tales to be heard at Bunyonyi, a picturesque lake.

Meal Plan B, L & D
Accommodation: Arcadia Lodge / Bird Nest Resort
Drive time: 2 hours
Exploring The Island Of Lake Bunyonyi
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There are “many small birds” at Lake Bunyonyi. We will be spending some time today translating from local Rukiga dialect as part of our tour of this stunning lakeshore, which has a history full of both good and bad events. As an example, some islands were used to dry out lepers, and young girls who became pregnant outside of marriage were sent to a “punishment island.”

Many different kinds of fun may be had in Lake Bunyonyi, thus its suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. Activities here include boat tours, island excursions, and beach lounging. Explore some of the 29 islands that make up Lake Bunyonyi, and take part in a cultural bustle while enjoying lunch with the locals on one of them. This was not just a watershed moment, but it also opened up exciting new avenues for discovery into what life might have been like before our time.

Meal Plan: B, L & D
Accommodation: Arcadia Lodge / Bird Nest Resort
Transfer To The Cultural Tour Of Angkor

Although you may be rendered speechless by your time at Lake Bunyonyi, you can rest assured that your emotions are well-placed. The local people here have a long history of practicing sustainable lifestyles, and they would be delighted to show you their farm and conventional way of life.

Those in search of excitement can experience something new at a farm stay, where they can sleep in a cabin among the hills and participate in farm chores like milking cows or watching them graze during this Uganda safari tour.

Meal Plan: B, L & D
Accommodation: Nshenyi Cultural Village
Drive time: 4 hours

Inclusions In The Package

Park entrance fees | Accommodation | meals Listed | Gorilla permit | Bottled water | Transportation in a 4WD safari wagon | Park ranger fees | Applicable taxes| Chimp permits

A Close Look At The Ankole Way Of Life

You will be staying the night with a local family. You will have to get up before dawn to accompany a skilled herdsman on his daily ritual of milking long-horned local cows, which are typically milked first thing in the morning so they can be sent on their errands without worrying about getting lost.

We will take a quick stroll across the village, pausing to see a few more houses and admire the scenery along the way. If you make your way across the hills above the settlement, you can sample the refined cuisine and other customs of the locals.

This opportunity not only gives you a taste of what it was like to live in a time before the widespread availability of modern conveniences, but it also teaches you something about the ways in which technology has changed our everyday interactions, including the weekly family gatherings that used to be so important in previous generations. If you are interested in interacting with kids, we can stop by a local school.

Meal Plan - B L & D
Accommodation: Nshenyi Cultural Village
Wildlife Calls At Uganda's Lake Mburo National Park

After breakfast today, we will say goodbye to our host family and begin our drive to Lake Mburo National Park. As part of our exploration of the history of the Angkor Kingdom during the Uganda safari, we will visit the renowned Igongo cultural Museum.

We cannot wait to check out Mburo Park, a tiny gem in a big city. When we get to your lodge, we will have a boat ride across the picturesque waters, where we might spot hippos or crocodiles. Additional species, such as zebras, can be found at the park as well.

Meal Plan - B, L & D
Accommodation: Mihingo Lodge / Kigambira Safari Lodge
Drive time: 3 hours
Drop Off To The Airport In Entebbe
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We will get one last look at the spectacular panorama before starting the drive back home. Depending on your flight timing, we will either spend the night at the hotel in Entebbe or drop you off at the airport before heading back to Kampala the following day.

Meal Plan: B & L


Park entrance fees | Accommodation | meals Listed | Chimp permit | Gorilla permit | Bottled water | Transportation in a 4WD safari wagon | Park ranger fees | Boat cruise | Ferry crossing |Applicable taxes.

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