Tanzanian Safari

With a Twist

Our itinerary for your Tanzanian safari is stretched over a week and includes several surprises on the way. We start on the Western Corridor, where you get to see some of Africa’s most prized animals in their natural habitats.

The lodgings we provide you with are comfortable, offering scenic windows into the unparalleled Tanzanian plains. There are game drives multiple times a day, enabling you to catch—or catch a glimpse of—the animals you came here after.

When you’re in Katavi, you’re in for an even greater adventure. You’ll be busy for the most part, because the game here is abundant.

The Animals You’ll See in Tanzania

A haven for fauna in Africa, there are several species in Tanzania that you won’t find in most places on Earth. Tall giraffes looking down on you, the cap buffalo sizing you up, the warthog mid-flight, a leopard up in a tree, the gorgeous blue monkey, and to top it all off, the hyena will laugh its classic cackle. This is as good a picture of Africa as it gets.

The Great Serengeti Migration in Tanzania

The Serengeti migration is one of the greatest animal movements on Earth. Beginning in Masai Mara in Tanzania, the migration takes place between the months of July and October. This is the time for heavy rains, when the wildebeest move from Kenya to Tanzania—where long grass sprouts, courtesy of a heavy monsoon spell. From the northern Serengeti plains, these herds move across the Mara River.

You’re in for some adventure here: there are crocs hiding in these rivers, and you won’t see them any better than the wildebeest do. A few of these animals never make it to the other side. But thousands do. The current of the river is often strong, so you’ll get to see wildebeest at their most resilient.

Best Time to Visit Tanzania for a Safari

The months of July through October are generally the driest, and we see the most traffic during these months. Since this time is also parallel to the great migration, it would be ideal for you to visit during these months. The wildlife sightings and game watching are also ideal during these months since the grass is at its least dense—so you get a great view of the jungle as it is.

Is Tanzania Safe?

Tanzania is generally a safe country to visit, and it welcomes thousands of people every year, from all over the world, for the same purpose. Additionally, we plan your safari itinerary with the utmost care. Your safety is a priority with us, and know that we’ll be there, all time, with you. Guidance, support, advice, urgent help, we’re there.

If you’re a lover of wildlife, natural landscapes, and exhilarating adventures, this is the place to be.