Think game reserves, a diverse wildlife menagerie, and beautiful azure beaches next to sandy shores: Tanzania has it all. A country of diverse landscapes and cultures, Tanzania attracts millions of tourists from around the world every year—1.5 million in 2019. And if you think such a large number of visitors means you might not get to see the best of Tanzania, then think again. Tanzania is no small country—and with service providers like Go Safariz on your side, you’re all set to follow safari itineraries that cover everything from the lodges you’re staying at to the places you’ll go.  


One of the most famous landmarks in Tanzania is the Mount Kilimanjaro, which peaks at 585 meters. It isn’t called the Roof of Africa for nothing! Tanzania is known for its glorious mountainous terrain which makes for a brilliant trekking adventure. Mount Kilimanjaro is also a dormant volcano—and there’s just something so beautiful about looking at a massive mountain, knowing it’s filled with boiling lava, and occupying the same space as you. There are also the Nyiri and Sahara Deserts: huge swathes of sandy land that are hot in the day and cool at night.

One of the things you really don’t want to miss is the Great Migration: more than 2 million wildebeest (and some zebra!) cross the Serengeti every year. Watching them cross a roaring river, save their skin from concealed crocs, and bring a new generation of life to Tanzania is unmatched.



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945,087 km²

Tanzania’s Diverse Wildlife

Tanzania has a colorful wildlife scene that attracts hundreds of visitors on safaris each year. Some of the local fauna include giraffes, hippos, buffalo herds, wildebeest, elands, impala, kudu, antelopes, and the famed African elephant. There’s no shortage of adventure in this place full of coasts, mountains, high plains, lakes, savannahs, and game parks.

Tanzania is one of those places where the raw beauty of nature meets the unceasing, uninterrupted life of several animals. You can observe them in their natural habitat as they graze and mate, stroll and eat their fill—and when you’re on a safari, you’re right there in their world.

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Tanzania is home to some of the most famous tourist spots in Africa. Its rich wildlife density and impeccable cultural aura will leave keep you hooked throughout your trip.

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