From Nyungwe Forest to Volcanoes Park, Rwanda is famous for its unmatched hiking and trekking trails that bring millions of tourists to its borders every year. In 2017, the country welcomed a whopping 1.2 million tourists. Although it’s one of the smaller countries in the mainland that is Africa, Rwanda simply has too much to offer to nature and wildlife lovers.

Full of forests that transport you to some magical fairly land, Rwanda’s rich landscape covers swamps, savannahs, mountains, and so much more. The name most people lovingly give to Rwanda is “land of a thousand hills,” and it definitely is Rwanda’s hilly aesthetic that attracts so many people to its green, glorious mountain ranges every year.


Rwanda is well known among people who love trekking, hiking, and mountain climbing. Its mountainous terrain is perfect for a solo or group trek. If this is a first of you, we can provide a local guide who will tell you everything there is to know: from the major sites you should visit to the places that offer the adventure you need. Once you arrive at the airport, our local guide will meet and escort you. You won’t feel traveler’s remorse at any point during your journey—and we’ll make sure that you don’t leave Rwanda without seeing some of the best landscapes, fauna, and flora that this planet has to offer.



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Kinyarwanda, English, French, Swahili

Rwandan Franc

26,338 km²


There’s no stopping when it comes to having an adventure in Rwanda. It is a country teeming with wildlife—making it perfect for a safari. Rwanda, in addition to Uganda, is also home to the famed, rare silverback mountain gorillas. These majestic beasts dwell in Rwanda’s mountains in addition to some 600 species of birds. You’ll also encounter ebullient chimpanzees, giraffes, golden monkeys, crocodiles, hippos, and leopards in plenty.

A safari in Rwanda means you have many chances of coming across wildlife in their natural habitat—and nothing could get better for nature lovers. Book your tour today and start packing!

Remember: there’s nothing more glorious than a cheetah in flight—at a full speed of 93 km/h.