Located in the Southeast of Africa, Namibia is known for the great Namib Desert, and is easily reachable for most Western travelers, since it lies right next to the Atlantic coast. It has several coastal towns and provides you with great opportunities for taking photos by the beach, water sports, and wild sunsets like the ones you’ve only seen on TV so far. You’ll also find countless German-era buildings in Namibia, built as far back as in the 1900s.

Namibia has been witnessing a rise in its tourist stats for the past few years, and the reason is simple: the more people get to know about it, and the better the safari options get, they just can’t get enough. Go Safariz gives you an opportunity to explore Namibia to the fullest.


If you’ve just been or are planning to visit South Africa, we’d suggest you book one of our Holiday Namibia Desert tour packages for a memorable experience. The distance between the two countries is a few hours, and you won’t even need a change of currency! The South African Rand works in both!

When you’re in Namibia, don’t forget to visit the memorial church in Windhoek, the Atlantic beaches in Swakopmund, its salt flats and red sand dunes, and the glorious Etosha National Park. The Etosha National Park is counted among Africa’s best—thanks to its many waterholes that give visitors several opportunities to observe the wildlife from a distance.

Namibia’s desert landscape also makes for great desert safaris, and a great backdrop with the sun burning in the background, the blue skies around, and the hot sand beneath.

Our customizable Namibia family holiday packages are especially designed to offer you the best of Namibia in its full glory—one that has to be on your list. 



If you’re staying for less than 90 days in Namibia, yes, you will need a VISA

Afrikaans, Oshiwambo, English, Nama, Damara, German, and more

Namibian Dollar and South African Rand

825,419 km²


If there’s one thing you’ll find in abundance in Namibia, it’s cheetahs. After all, if a country is called the cheetah capital of the world, it must have as many cheetahs as it has people, right? While the numbers once dwindled, environmentalist interventions have helped restore the numbers. Once again, the plains and grasslands of Namibia are awash with these spotted speedsters, crouching low and running like the wind, chasing prey and presenting to you Namibia in all its glory.

Remember: there’s nothing more glorious than a cheetah in flight—at a full speed of 93 km/h.