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2.5 million people visited Botswana in 2015—and 1.6 million of these people were tourists. It’s easy to see why Botswana attracts so many people from across the world: it offers rare wildlife sightings, has a commitment to conservation, witnesses one of the biggest zebra migrations in the world, and offers a diverse set of safaris. And oh, don’t forget the house boats!

In a country like Botswana, you have a great chance of exploring remote, rare areas that few other travelers in the world go to. The tours are exclusive, offering you many opportunities to take away something not every African safari enthusiast might have experienced.

Be a part of the untouched, untainted beauty of Botswana’s nature and wildlife—reach out today.


Not many countries appreciate their natural wonders, but Bostwana is certainly aware that it hit the jackpot. The government proactively protects its unique environment and ecosystem, and more than 38% of the land is dedicated to wildlife. The Okavango Delta, for example, is an area of 16,000 square kilometers that’s unspoiled and unadulterated, and brimming with wetland lagoons and channels that spring to life when various animals approach them to quench their thirst. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage lists, and is definitely worth the visit.

Two of Botswana’s purest wildlife sightings include the massive zebra migration—largest mammal migration in Africa—and the clever caracal jumping high into the air to catch birds mid-flight.



If you’re a U.S. citizen, you can visit Botswana for 90 days without a visa. Citizens of other countries will need to obtain visa, though.

Setswana, English, Sekalanga, Bakalanga, and more

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581,730 km²


Botswana is the ultimate stop if you are a wildlife junkie. From the rare aardwolf to bush elephants, civets, golden cats, zebras, bat-eared foxes, striped weasels, bushbuck, banded mongoose, cape buffaloes, cape hyrax, wild dogs, caracals, black-footed cats, bongos—and so much more is all packed into the mystical and magical landscapes that make up for Botswana.

You’ll find many species here that are nowhere to be found in the rest of the world. Some of the wildest rides you can have in Botswana including seeing a lion—which is a common sight—or a slithering serpent. Botswana also houses over 150 species of reptiles—so if you’re a croc chronicles fan, you know which country you should be visiting next.