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GoSafariz: The Premier African Tour Company

GoSafariz specializes in unforgettable African safari experiences that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful parks, and unique wildlife are sure to impress you from the moment you begin your tour. 

Our customized packages are designed to meet your unique interests and preferences, no matter what they may be. We’ll work with you to create a tour that exceeds your every expectation. A tour you’ll remember and share with others for years to come.

GoSafariz is all about facilitating adventures, tourism, travel, and cultural exchange between East and South Africa and the world. quality, consistence and value is our promise.


Africa is the tourism capital of the world—a true center of nature, wildlife, and civilization. Experiencing a safari in Africa’s pristine and preserved forests is like taking a walk-through history and time: you visit the same places that have been walked by elephants and hippos for centuries, where hundreds of discoveries have been made, where civilization began.


Walk back in time as you visit the heavens on Earth that you can find in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. See the sun rise on some of the most stunning landscapes in the world and the moon glow over clear, grassy plains. Experience the African wild rustling through your hair and look some of the mightiest animals in the world in the eye.


Why Go Safariz?

Focus on Africa

While other tour companies offer tours in many countries, Africa is our sole focus. This means we know the country like the back of our hand and can provide you with the most authentic experience possible. 


At GoSafariz, you can expect a top-notch tour without the high price tag. Our prices are reasonable because we believe everyone deserves this one-in-a-lifetime African adventure. 

Knowledgeable, Experienced Guides

Our guides are handpicked for their knowledge, expertise, and genuine appreciation for Africa. They will meet you at the airport, transport you to your hotel, and begin your customized tour as soon as you’re ready. 

Commitment to Safety

Safety is our utmost priority. If you choose us for your African safari tour, we’ll do everything in our power to ensure a safe, comfortable experience. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with vaccinations and travel insurance. 

24/7 Customer Service

GoSafariz takes great pride in our unsurpassed level of customer service. We’re here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and offer recommendations round-the-clock. 


Tanzania is God’s artistic masterpiece in Africa: blue beaches, historical sites, and bustling towns all set against a backdrop of the serene landscape. From the Serengeti Plains to Mount Kilimanjaro, there’s just so much to see!


Known as the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is home to famous mountain gorillas. You can see some of the rarest and most exotic bird species in Uganda’s savannahs, wetlands, and wilderness.  


Rwanda’s winding trails await you to reveal some of best visual delights this world has to offer. Climbing, trekking, hiking, and walking in the African highlands doesn’t get any better than Rwanda.


As one of the world’s best-known wildlife destinations, Kenya is a must-visit destination for safari lovers. Nile crocs, striped hyenas, and so much more awaits!


Whether it’s Zimbabwe’s heritage sites or its colorful culture, take a step into ancient Africa with Zimbabwe’s many attractions and unparalleled natural beauty. And don’t forget that Zimbabwe houses some of Africa’s finest big cats!


Bostwana is a safari haven. Whether you’re visiting the Kalahari Desert or the Okavango Delta, you can expect adventure, breathtaking beauty, and wildlife galore with each step.


Namibia is more than a desert land: it is a place that offers you a quintessential safari experience. You’ll find many landscapes that are still untouched and the biodiversity is heart-warming.

South Africa

South Africa is called “The Rainbow Nation” for a reason. It has great food, unmatched cultural experiences, and wildlife extravaganza: