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3 Places to Visit in Africa

Contrary to popular belief, Africa is not a country! It is a continent that, at present, hosts 54 countries that are filled with their own unique culture, history, and language that makes them all stunning places to visit.

If you’ve got your eye on including places in Africa for your post-pandemic travel plans, here are some gorgeous countries you have to visit!


Known as one of Africa’s most distinct and tropical locations, Kenya welcomes thousands of tourists monthly, all eager to reap in the glory the country has to offer!

With white sandy beaches and vast forests, and wildlife, Kenya is the ideal place for every age group. You can kick back and bask in the sun on a sunny day at the beach or indulge in Kenyan safari adventures, which will showcase exotic wildlife you will never get the chance to see back home! The country is rife with natural reserves and high-density wildlife experiences for a traveler in search of adventure.


Monkey wildlife in Uganda.

Rightfully named the ‘Pearl of Africa,’ Uganda may be a smaller country than its neighbors, but it boasts much wildlife and beauty for visitors to enjoy. It’s an especially coveted place for individuals who are interested in bearing witness to endangered species.

Uganda is one of three countries where you can see the endangered mountain gorilla in its natural habitat. With just 900 remaining globally, the country takes pride in providing them a safe home to reproduce and live safely. Alongside mountain gorillas, you can also bear witness to the other majestic wildlife and the stunning scenery filled with greenery and colorful sunsets. It’s a picture-perfect paradise!


Namibia is the ideal location if you’re looking to go to a country far from home with no language barrier. With English as an official language, you’ll find English road signs, restaurants, and even locals, so you don’t have to rely on translation apps for navigation.

But convenience isn’t why Namibia is on top of our list of African countries to visit. The country is also home to nearly 300 different species of birds! And although the country has more desert than greenery, the locations are still scenic and the perfect camping spot. The country is also safe and politically stable, making it the best place for solo travelers without any fear or concern!

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