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2 Reasons Why We Should Learn More about Wildlife

Biodiversity is an important element of survival, but many diverse species of wildlife are on the world of extinction due to increased poaching and disappearing habitats. Wildlife is an integral part of a healthy ecosystem that allows human beings to survive, make money and procure enough food to eat.
75% of the world’s poor people live in rural areas, and they depend on wildlife for their food and livelihood.

Here are some reasons why we need to learn more about wildlife so we can commit to conserving and protecting them.

1. Increasing Knowledge About Wildlife Will Help Lower Harmful Activities

There needs to be a shared knowledge base among global citizens about the importance of wildlife. Many activities by humans are harming wildlife and rapidly diseasing their numbers, leading exotic species to become endangered or even extinct.
Some of these activities include illegal poaching by hunters in restricted areas or protected habitats. The World Bank Group is dedicated to conserving wildlife and protecting biodiversity around the globe. They contributed over 1 billion US dollars so for the protection of wildlife in their natural habitats.
Moreover, they also increased awareness about natural resources, crime, and activities that were hazardous to the environment. They further invested 300 million US dollars in wildlife law enforcement to decrease illegal poaching.
Another activity that harms wildlife is deforestation. Cutting down trees affects the natural habitat of wildlife and destroys their living space, which leads to displacement and sometimes death.
In Kenya, The World Bank supported a project revolving around the Nairobi National Park. The wildlife in the park was allowed to roam around an additional 22,000 hectares of natural land. This led to an increase in the wildlife population. It also helped the local families living around the park gain more income from tourists visiting the park to explore Africa’s natural beauty.
Similarly, reforestation efforts in Rio, Brazil were not only beneficial for wildlife but also for the local people who were provided with reliable water and cleaner air.

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2. Knowing More About Wildlife Helps Us Better Protect the Environment

Wildlife is an essential part of a healthy ecosystem. They play a significant role in maintaining the ecological balance of the planet. studying different species of animals also helps scientists make breakthrough discoveries in the field of medicine, such as researching the cure of fatal diseases like cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.
Also, wildlife is vital in keeping a clean and healthy environment. The microorganisms and bacteria feed an animal waste to decompose it. The nutrients that are released into the air and the soil help replenish it, which allows plants to grow and feeds humans.
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